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SY-6 Compact Oval Fluorescent Bulkhead, Clear

Standard, Indoor-Outdoor Use, Clear

Recreated from the original 1950s engineering drawings, the SY-6 bulkhead is compact, cosy and corrosion resistant. Fit it anywhere to create a soft, romantic ambiance, from stately homes to homely front rooms.

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Create your ideal SY-6 specification, with edison screw or bayonet cap lamp holder and a robust casing finished any way you fancy.






Fall in love at first light

Our compact Bulkhead lights have a range of attractions that make them an adaptable choice for a range of settings, both indoors, and outdoors. What’s not to love?

Adaptable anywhere

The compact size, and flexible mounting points of the SY-6 allows them to be placed in both indoor, and outdoor settings, anywhere you want to create soft, mood lighting. Place them anywhere from around your bathroom mirror, to above an external archway. These beautiful bulkheads light up corridors, side passageways, and can even be mounted atop fence points on driveways, creating a romantic mood while you’re parking your Bentley.

Style with substance

Each SY-6 light fitting is hand-cast, using premium materials, with a solid aluminium case that will last decades, rather than years. They’re also fully waterproof, and corrosion resistant, ideal for both wet, and dry environments. Style with substance.

Glow your mind

The beautiful thick glass diffuser of each SY-6 bulkhead spreads a soft glow of light across any setting. Each light also comes with a ceramic lamp holder that can be fitted with a standard E27/B22 fluorescent bulb, or even a smart bulb, for a remote light show!

Finished to your fancy

The SY-6 can be finished with a number of different options, to suit your flights of fancy, from chip-resistant paint in a range of colours, to an industrial aluminium finish which simply has a clear, protective lacquer applied to achieve that raw, manufactured industrial look, creating an unique and distinct finish each time. Each light can also be anodised with a weathered bronze finish, for rustic, antique effect. The choice is endless. The choice is also yours. And with our bespoke finishing service, you’ll also be able to specify a unique RAL colour, for powder coating.


Meet the rest of the family

The SY-6 collection has a number of relatives, with variations that include LED or fluorescent bulbs, and even an elegant corded table lamp. Select matching or complimentary pieces from the range, to build a harmonious lighting project.

The devil is in the details

The SY-6 range has been put together with the kind of attention to detail that we’re famous for at J & G Coughtrie, with a style that’s both timeless and enduring. Beauty, and substance. That’s our bag.


3 Power Access Ports

The SY-6 Bulkhead lighting range has power connection cable access at both rear, top, and bottom - choose the option that tickles your fancy.

Modular mounting points

End-lugs on the SY-6 range are designed to accommodate future clip-on accessories, extending the life of your lamp - that’s a nod to sustainability, and style.

Hand pressed & blown glass

With a thick, hand-blown glass diffuser that features decorative ribs, and a Coughtrie brand mark, this is one stylish range of light fittings that refuse to blend in with the rabble.

Timeless styling

The simple, oval shape of the SY-6 Bulkhead light fitting is elegant and timeless, yet fits with a range of different settings. One clever, and classy piece of glass.

Hand cast aluminium casing

The corrosion resistant aluminium casing of the SY-6 Bulkhead light fitting has been hand-cast by skilled craft workers in Glasgow. We’ve been doing it for 80 years, and we don’t intend to stop any time soon!

Porcelain lamp holder

Your SY-6 can be supplied with a Bayonet Cap, or Edisson Screw lamp holder. You can also fit it with Smart Bulb, to connect the lamp to your smart home control system for a magical remote light show.

Technical Information

If you have tech spec’s in mind, scroll through the marvellous information below, to locate all the detailed product information you might need to finalise your project details: Dimensions, weight, photometric data, materials and electrical characteristics are all included, and you are most welcome.

Product Information

Product Materials

Cast Aluminium Casing; Pressed And Blown Glass Diffuser; Sheet Aluminium Gear Tray; TPU Gasket; Silicone Gasket; Steel Screws; CNC Sheet Steel Flanges; Porcelain Lamp Holder; Powder Coated Paint / Aluminium Anodising Finishing

Product Dimensions

Length: 220mm; Width: 103mm; Depth: 118mm

Product Weight

1000 grams

IP Rating

IP65: Suitable for inside or outside use in wet weather environments. IP rated as “dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle.

Luminaire Characteristics

Bulb Type

Edison Screw (E27)/ Bayonet Cap(B22)

Electrical Characteristics


Depends on bulb used




Depends on bulb used


80 Years of Sustainability

J&G Coughtrie has been following sustainable manufacturing and design practices for 80 years - because we believe that sustainable design is simply good design.

Built to last

Our lighting choices are tough cookies, built to last, and suitable for even the most extreme applications (or a Hollywood set, either / or).

Local suppliers

We have a long-standing policy of using suppliers and manufacturing within a 40 miles radius, because keeping it local is keeping it sustainable.

Designed to be repaired.

Our lights are designed to disassemble easily for repair or upgrade in the future as technology continues to improve.

Sustainable packaging

Each light is lovingly wrapped in recycled paper padding shipped in recycled cardboard packaging.

Low carbon materials

Where possible, we make our parts from low carbon materials that are recycled or can be recycled at end of life.

Low energy consumption

As lighting technology evolves, so do our lights. Now, we use low energy LED bulbs to minimise energy consumption.

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SY-6 Compact Oval Fluorescent Table Bulkhead, Clear


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